Real Estate Photography for the Wichita Area

It is a visual world and your online photos need to represent the real estate well!

How do you charge? We charge a flat rate of $125. Most homes will take from 1 to 2 hours.

Can the owner be present? Yes. However, we request that pets be contained so they are not in photos.

Do I have printable images? Yes, you will receive a set of the pictures in both a web ready format and a printable format.

Do you retouch? Most retouch is to tweak the lighting of the room. If there are some repairs which will be done before the house is listed we will try to show the work as done.

Are you insured? Yes.

How many years have you been doing real estate photography? We started photographing homes in 2010.

How long do you take to deliver the pictures? Usually about two days.

When is my payment due? When we send you the photos we will send an invoice at that time.

Do pets have to be locked up? Only if they are trying to bite me. We will request that pets are not in the room being photographed.

What is we have to re-schedule? Over two hours from the scheduled time is not a problem.

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Exterior Home View

When we photograph the exterior we work to make sure that it is well lit and we watch for nu-sightly angles.

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Interior Living Area

As you will see in all the photographs care has been taken to highlight the lighting of the room. This helps create warmth and preserve the natural lighting of the home.

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Use of Angles

With our professional camera and wide angle lens we are able to use different angles to capture a wider view of each room and give perspective buyers a good view of the home.

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Yes we travel. Please call us to discuss availability. 316-755-2787