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Common Questions

Real estate photography example. Retouched.

How do feel commercial photography differs from other photography styles? Commercial photography's purpose is to promote or sell products and/or services. The term covers a wide range of photography used in advertising, merchandising, product packaging, corporate brochures, social media marketing, and just about anywhere companies sell products and services.

Typically the main purpose for commercial photography is to make it easily to enhance the photos with additional text. The photograph is the first thing people see and then the text is read. Commercial photographers work to create images optimized for emotional impact and thoughtful consideration.


What are your composition goals? Every photograph is taken with a reading direction in mind. We work to keep lighting and composition working together to help drive reading direction so that the final placement of the photo compliments the message and where it is used.

How do you try to light the scene?
We work to use natural lighting elements whenever possible. However, we will utilize artificial lighting whenever the image needs additional lighting.

What are your copyright and usage agreements?
We keep it simple. Based upon your project needs we agree on a price and you are able to use the images however you like.

How much commercial photography do you do? Commercial photography is not a major part of what I do. If you have a project which is not something I feel confident about I will tell you up front. With over 30 years of photography behind me I have done a lot of projects and feel quite confident about my areas of expertise. The best thing for you to do it contact and let's talk about your project.

Complete company photo wiith trucks and staff.


Business group - Team Shot

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor commercial photography presents a unique set of challenges. Kansas weaher is renown for being problematic and every changing. When you start to work with shiney metal serfaces and people in harsh sunlight it takes the right kind of equipment, people skills, and technical knowledge.

Business equipment photography

Large Equipment Photography

This type of equipment requires a skill set to light, capture the correct color, and show your customers that you are a professional.

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