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Photo Booth Styles

Variety Rocks

Like any fashion people's taste change. We have been offering photo booths since 2009 so we have seen a lot of changes. When we started all of our booths were enclosed and our technology cabinet was huge. Over time these changed into smaller cabinets and became open air. The booth pictured on the left side of this picture is a mirror booth. These booths are a totally different concept and provide a whole different photo booth experience. to the photo booth experience.

Why did we start offering photo booths? Photo booths were a natural addition to our business. We already did a lot of event photography so we were at events. My technology experience made knowing how to design and use the features of modern software easy to offer to people. Probably the easiest part of the addition was we like to have fun.


Prom and After-Prom Season is upon us.

Let's Bring the Fun

For years we have taken photo booths to prom related events and have done instant portraits as some as well. One of the things that we encounter is that organizations like to create their own backgrounds. This is great because it is unique to that event and it allows the kids to participate. Unfortunately, the people often designing the set are not photographers and there are a lot of things they do not think about. Here are some considerations for creating a background that will improve the photographs taken.


  • Patterns and Lines. If there is a line or image be sure to think about what it will look behind someone's head or growing out of their shoulder. Backgrounds should have smaller designs and if they are printed a little un-sharp.
  • Colors If the background is colorful keep in mind what it will look like with what you are expecting people to wear. Staying with neutral colors is safe.
  • Reflectivity This is a BIG one. Step-and-Repeat type backgrounds or any background on a vinyl type material can be very reflective and a reflective un-even surface will catch light from every source. IF you are having something printed please make sure to use a printer that is using a matt material that won't relfect. We can do a lot to reduce reflections, but it is sometimes at the cost of image quality.
  • Size Most photographs are in a 3x2 ratio. A background that is too narrow will mean cropping into people too tight. If the event is formal this may mean not being able to capture the expensive dress or tux that they are wanting to show off. Design it a little loose.
  • Safety If the background support is being built be sure it is durable enough to be bumped into. Groups can get rowdy and when trying to fit a group into an area the background will get touched.


How do I respond when people ask what sets me apart from their friend with a camera? At the risk of being a little arogant it is because I understand light and work hard to be fun and caring when working with people.
The very word photography means painting with light so I take lighting seriously. Many "modern" photographers will say that they use only natural light. To them I say that that is because they have been unwilling to learn how to use light. Light is the photographers paintbrush. Can you imaging a painter who doesn't know how to mix colors or create depth? It is the same for a photographer.
In any photograph light is what creates the image. Natural light is not always your friend. Strong overhead light creates dark eyes and eyes can be the most telling part of a persons face. I have even seen wedding portraits done under tress with splotchy light all over the ladies dresses.
There are a few photographers who shoot weddings who bounce light off the floor. In hollywood this is called monster lighting because it was developed in horror films.
This is a topic I am passionate about and could write pages about the topic.


Aside from the technical aspect of lighting I also bring backup equipment and plan for equipment failures. Everything is mechanical and it will eventually fail. Knowing how to handle those failures and bringing additional equipment to continue the photo shoot is what sets a professional apart from that friend with a camera.


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