Services include Instant Portraits, Event Photography, Photo Booths and more.
Serving Wichita Kansas for over 30 years .

Free Summer Portraits

If you have a portrait idea which is very creative or off the wall please drop us a note and tell us about your vision. Our portrait work is focused on different kinds of creative imagery which we challenging. If we like the idea the session would be free.
Please feel free to contact us. to share your ideas.

Information about Our Photography Services

Instant Portraits and Head Shots

Our on-site portrait services can capture, print, and email photos very quickly. Our instant portraits services have been popular at reunions, daddy/daughter dances, weddings, business events, parties, and even Quincea├▒eras. When combined with photo booths it takes the fun to another dimension.

We offer print sizes from 4x6 up to 8x12.

For professional events head shots are a great benefit to attendees. We will take several images, let the person pick them, and later they will receive either a download link or an email.

For reunions and large group meetings this is a great way to preserve the event memories.

Instant Portraits

Event Photography

Some of the types of events that we have offered this service have been Easter Bunny, Daddy Daughter Dances, Santa Claus and local events such as Wine Woman and Shoes. We have the experience to capture great images in all kinds of event sittings..

Event Photography

Photo Booth Rentals

A professionally operated photo booth adds a lot of fun and the guests receive quality pictures that will be saved and shared. Our photo booth service started in 2008 and has changed a lot of the years. If you have a special request or idea please feel free to ask us. Trust your special event to a professional with experience.

Contact us for Photo Booths, Video Guest Books, Social Media Stations and mirror booths.

Photo Booths

Real Estate and Commercial Photography

Selling a home or commercial building requires quality photographs for on-line viewing. We understand how to use the natural light in a room while adding artificial light to create an image which creates a comfortable look while showing off the property. For commercial property this means showing the functionality of a workspace. For a home you want to show the warmth that lets a viewer picture themselves in that room.

Real Estate and Commercial

Specials and Discounts

Professional photography involves a lot more than pointing a camera and pressing a button. Even though modern cameras have awesome capability professional photographs require an understanding of lighting techniques and knowing how to show people at their best .

Quality is not an accident.


We are familiar with most major Wichita Kansas venues and we are happy to share our photography experience. From instant portraits to photo booth rentals we can make suggestions on placement and timing to help insure that you will not be disappointed. We are dedicated to capturing the images you want.

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Please call to discuss availability outside of the Wichita area. 316-644-9662