Instant Portraits and Professional Head Shots

polaroid format photo


 Polaroid Style Instant Portraits


We offer photo booths doing the traditional 2x6 print with a 6x4 upgrade. If you are hosting a business event or want your guests to have something different we have a lot of creative print layout options. This style picture can be a great way to have a prominent logo or discount offer. These images can be done automatically or with a photographer interacting with the guests. Instant portrait services are one of our newest services. These prints are designed to look like old time Polaroid prints and are available in color, sepia, black and white, or with a color cast to emulate an aged photo. These retro formatted images would be a great addition to your event.

There is no additional charge for this style print. We can even take several photographs and let you pick the one you want. With lots of options we can come up with ideas you will like.      

If your event is for a business we can add your logo or any other wording or graphics that you might find useful.

Fast print speeds for even more fun.

Having to wait for photos to be printed is not a successful instant portrait event. We are Wichita's fastest instant portrait providers with a 30 second print time on 4x6 pictures for 400 images without a paper reload.
With modern wireless technology we can even take the photograph at one location and direct people to another location to pick them up. This is a great way to drive people to your booth at a trade show. We used this approach while working for the Ronald McDonald House where people took photos with Santa and then went to a booth to pick them up. Your guests will love the the speed and quality. Are you thinking about green screen photography? If so, please check out our green screen notes.

In addition to driving traffic to a booth or table at the event we can instantly upload photos where people can view them using a gallery or hash-tag and then purchase them to help with fund raising efforts. Tell us what you would like and we will research what is needed to make it happen or look for someone who can.

Instant portraits with printing at the event make a fun gift for your guests.
Business portraits and Head Shots are delivered digitally.

Business events are great opportunities to update business head-shots,
This useful gift will be appreciated and becomes a great giveaway.

business head shots

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Easter Bunny Portraits Printed Immediately
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Instant Portrait Services

Our high speed printers deliver photos quickly. We will work with your guest to create a quality image while making it fun. If the location does not have a good option for a background we can often bring our own. If you are building a background we do ask that we be a part of the planning. There are reflective and size dimensions to consider which will have a impact on picture quality.
Instant portrait - Wedding

Pictures can be personalized with custom borders, wording, or anything which will help give them the professional look you would like.

Depending upon the size of the pictures being printed and if there is any special wording or graphics we can print a 4x6 as fast as 15 seconds and an 8x10 in 45 seconds. Available print sizes are 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 8x10, and 8x12.


Group Portraits

When working with groups it is easy to get behind on printing. Our approach is to bring extra printers so that when we need to print larger numbers of a print guests don't have to wait on the printers. In addition to knowing how to make the technology work for you we have the photography experience to work with people quickly while keeping it fun. When we know we are photographing groups we bring extra printers so we can have the high speed printers required to deliver photos quickly and with our experience we have the ability work with people quickly.

Since our studio has a variety of backgrounds there are also options which will help give our images a professional look.

Group photo printed immediately.

Fund Raising Tools

Photographs can be a big part of a fund raising event. Churches and non-profit groups have often used event photography as a fund raising idea. Instant printing allows photos to be taken and people can purchase and pick them up right at the event. This adds excitement because when people see other people's prints in their hands they can become envious.

If the photography is part of a themed event we can bring props and other accessories so that people can purchase images which are more unique than simply what they wore.

We can use slide shows, contests, and more tools to make our services more interesting for the attendees.

Why choose us?


Event Professionals We are event photography professionals. When we come to your event we are carrying extra printers, computers, cameras, and lighting. Our goal is for your guests to have fun and receive a portrait that they will appreciate and keep.
Experience Art has been photographing events for over 30 years and has the personality and experience needed to work with people quickly while working to keep it fun.

Flexibility Event photography and instant portraits are not always as simple as plug it in and turn it on. Different locations have different lighting issue, power considerations, and logistics of people. We can work outside, all of our equipment except our printers can run on battery. We even have a wireless printing solution.


You have spent a lot of time and money on your event and when you want a photographer to provide instant portraits you want a professional.


More Options If you have a need or goal in mind for your event and are wondering how how instant portraits might be used please share it with us. We have worked in most Wichita KS venues which gives us an understanding of how to route traffic flow and what locations seem to work best. Our software can even create random numbers which can be used for prize drawings.

Our photo booths have the ability to let people choose which pose they want and can conduct surveys.


You have spent a lot of time and money on your event and when you want a photographer to provide instant portraits you want a professional.


Typical Package Options (Contact us for a custom quote.)

-> Prints with printed border, graphics, or wording
-> Bag or envelope included so the prints are protected
-> Optional on-line ordering included
-> $75 - People can email their photos from a separate station at the event.
-> $100 - First hour and $50 each additional. ($150 minimum)
-> 4x6 prints 1.49
-> 5x7 prints 1.99 (Viewing option recommended)
-> 6x8 prints 2.49 (Viewing option recommended)
-> 8x10 prints 2.99 (Viewing option recommended)

-> Background rental $75. We have over 20 backgrounds.

-> Online gallery for ordering is free.

Please call to discuss availability outside of the Wichita area. 316-644-9662