Simply put. We want to provide quality entertainment for your guests.

Animated gifs are hilarious when posted online.Your guests should leave with great photos. We have designed our booths with that goal in mind. We use DSLR style cameras and professional lighting. In addition, we have selected props which are intended to set us apart from our competitors.

Our operators will work with the guests and make camera adjustments when possible for the best photographs possible.

  Don't let your photo booth be boring.



Corporate photo booth picture example with holiday theme.

Everyone is going to tell you that they have the best photo booth rental in the Wichita area. The "The Best" booth is the one that works hard for your event, entertains your guests, and provides great photos. A lot of companies offer photo booths as an addition to another service or as a quick way to make some weekend cash. You need to ask the right right questions to know that your choice is "The Best".


Event photography is our business and we have been serving the Wichita Kansas community for over 20 years. This means that when we arrive at your event we have one goal and that is to provide a photo booth which is fun for your guests with great photographs.


Our operator has been trained in the software and has an attention to detail. When they do their first test session they send it to themselves to make sure that social media is working in the booth and then they forward it to another team member for approval.




Things to consider when shopping.

Business event photo booth photo print example.

Dedication We are an event photography company with deep Wichita roots. A photo booth is not some add-on to another business it is what we do. When you are comparing photo booths ask the photo booth vendor what other services they offer and then decide if the photo booth will receive the attention it deserves. Will a DJ or venue who has a lot of other technology to worry about stay focused on quality images and know all the software features?

Quality Some photo booths have one camera position. This means that your 6'2 friend is crouching to be in the picture or your cute niece is half cut off because the camera was too high. All of our booths allow us to adjust the camera for better cropping. That is part of the operator's job.

Experience We have been a part of events in the Wichita area since 2009. This includes outdoor events in some weather which made the event an "interesting" experience for all.

Prop Selection We have one wall of our office dedicated to prop storage. If you have an event theme or custom sign request we can likely provide it.

We have sat up in all kinds of places A lot of people can say they have been to most venues and they probably have. That comes with experience. Because of the flexibility of our photo booths and technology we have been placed in hallways and very small rooms and were able to have our printers and projectors in other parts of the building. If we do not know your venue we will visit it.

Insurance If your venue requires insurance we carry twice the minimum policy required. We take reasonable precautions with our prop selections and our equipment setup but in the event of an accident we wanted to be prepared.

All the ladies from the wedding in a group photo booth photo.

The right equipment A DJ friend of mine said once that he thought a web-cam photo booth produced good enough photos. You are worth more to us than "Good Enough" so we use digital cameras as opposed to cheap web-cams and studio style lighting. In addition, our printers are some of the fastest in the industry and with the best quality.

Fairly Priced You can do your own photo booth cheaper and there are companies who will beat our price. The reasons they are cheaper often translate into less fun for your guests and lower quality. You might get lucky and find someone with our quality and attention to detail or you may have a monumental flop. From the technology in our booths to the training our people receive our goal was quality at a fair price.

Written Agreement When you book us we can provide you with a written agreement of services, times, and any special arrangements that we made.



4x6 photo booth picture from steam punk event.

Don't be fooled by a low price photo booth.

Please call to discuss availability outside of the Wichita area. 316-644-9662