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Available Photography Class Topics

Do you have a special topic you would like a photography class built around? Even if it is not pictured here please feel free to contact us to ask if it is available. I am happy to work with you to develop a class around a specific type of photography. If I do not have the particular expertise required I will do some checking to find a professional who will share their knowledge.


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Before you download these please keep in mind that I know there are probably some typos. I do my best and from time to time I do update them. If you find something that you think is wrong, please let me know.

* Basic Digital Photography


About Our Photography Classes

Wild life photography

I have taught classes for years at the City of Wichita Parks and Recreation centers. At the suggestion of one of my students I decided to offer one-on-one classes where topics can be covered in detail and customized.


Topics can include indoor, outdoor, studio, night, and special effects.

The classes will cover a variety of topics and each class will have one or two topic goal. These topics may include lighting, freezing action, or any number of topics which are still being determined.


Some types of photography do require special equipment for better images. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy classes without special equipment. For all classes a quality tripod is recommended and students are encouraged to have an advanced knowledge of how to navigate their camera's menus.




Outdoor Photography

With changing seasons there are always opportunities to photograph seasonal events, weather,  vacations, and perhaps sporting events. When we have outdoor photography classes we will meet at one of the parks, Botanica, or maybe the zoo and walk around as a group. You will be able to try various photos and get feedback and suggestions. Moving water example

Moving Water

This is a popular effect whenever you have moving water. While this is not a common Kansas scene there are various options to see how this effect can be created.

Some effects can take additional equipment. When we are using this equipment during the class you will have information about what is available and trusted sources.

Photography Topics

Macro Photography - FlyPhotography covers a lot of topics from landscape to macro photography. Each type of photography can require different equipment and techniques. In addition, subjects like people and currency have laws which govern their usage. For example, currency has laws which govern what you can do. For information on this topic check out this page which discusses color reproductions.


Special Effects and Unusual Views

Easter Bunny pictures

Special effect photography with unique lens and everyday accessories.


Some of these are inexpensive and some you can create yourself.




Lighting Techniques

Good lighting can happen by accident. It is better if it happens on purpose.

Outdoor photography lighting


Photography literally means drawing with light. Every class will discuss lighting equipment, methods, and how to control all any light source.

The more you know about light the better your images will be.

Long Exposure

Long exposure photography

Long exposures are a lot of fun and can open up a world of unique images. When we cover this topic you will see long exposures taken at night

Images for Sale - Photographer on Hill


With some photography you need to take advantage of opportunities that weather events provide. That opportunity combined with the knowledge of photography technique will be discussed in class.


Night time photography is an opportunity to see the community in a different light. Be prepared for some odd hours as the best night photography is done around sunrise and sunset. Night time photography basics

Nighttime photography is not difficult. It requires patience and a good knowledge of your equipment. Having said that,once you are comfortable with the basics you can use post production techniques to take it to the next level. Night Photography Outdoor photography - macro
Sometimes a night photo requires a little but of help from the techie in you. This image has some Photoshop techniques and additional lighting is use. Nighttime light trails Photos at the fair
Long exposure night trails photography can be colorful. Like most time exposure photography a few extra pieces of equipment can make this more rewarding.

Running water

Running water looks best when it is flowing. While the technique is not difficult it does require some special equipment.

Studio photography is almost becoming a lost art. If you have wanted to learn the basics of lighting we can cover various lighting types and light modifiers.

Running water
Bubble photography requires about as much patience as wildlife photography. You will not find a more colorful type of photography. Macro photos of a snail.

Many things in my yard get a chance to be a photo subject.

Macro photos of a snail.

Not every subject is soft and fluffy. Like all wildlife this subject takes patience.

Running water
Bubble photography requires about as much patience as wildlife photography. You will not find a more colorful type of photography. Macro photos of a snail.

DOC the airplane
DOC is a Wichita icon. This image has one major flaw. Do you see it?

Macro photos of a snail.

Photo composition is often very subjective and up to the viewer's eye. However, when you understand traditional views you may find ways to adjust compose your images to improve them.

Running water
Bubble photography requires about as much patience as wildlife photography. You will not find a more colorful type of photography. Macro photos of a snail.

DOC the airplane
DOC is a Wichita icon. This image has one major flaw. Do you see it?


Computer board in focus using stacking photography technique.
Macro photography has a narrow depth of field. To overcome this you can take many many photographs and combine them into one using a process called stacking.




Some Class Topic Examples

Here is a collection of topics which are offered. Since personalized classes are customized this gives you some topics to consider. Some topics may take 20 minutes to cover while others  are an hour.  The best thing to do is contact me to discuss what topics most interest you.. 


  1. What is Photography?
    • How cameras work. SLR Mirrorless Others
    • Camera basics   
  2. Shutter Speed
    • What the values mean and how it affects photos
    • Shutter Speed and effect on exposure
    • Controlling the Shutter Speed
    • Shutter Speed Considerations
  3. What is ISO?
    • Low vs High ISO and Noise
    • What ISO value should you use for different occasions?
    • Common misconceptions
  4. Aperture/F-Stop
    • Why is Aperture so Important to picture quality
    • Which F-Stop Values Can You Control
    • F-Stop and Depth of Field
  5. Camera Modes
    • What are Camera Modes?
    • Common Camera Modes
      • Program Mode
      • Shutter-Priority Mode
      • Aperture-Priority Mode
      • Manual Mode
    • What About Other Camera Modes?
  6. Metering
    • Metering Explanation?
    • When Camera Metering will fail.
    • Types of metering
      • Matrix / Evaluative Metering
      • Center-weighted Metering
      • Spot Metering
    • Histogram and metering
  7. Flash
    • How a flash works
    • Types of flash units
    • Indoors
      • Limitations
      • Working with available light
      • Using colored gels
    • Outdoors
      • When your subject is poorly lit
      • Fill Flash – when the light is behind the subject
      • Sunny Day – overpowering the sun to avoid hot spots and intense shadows
  8. Composition
    • Basic Elements of Composition
      • Making the subject stand out
      • Telling a story
      • Keeping it simple
      • Balance
      • Using Space
      • Patterns and Lines
  1. Focusing
    • How does the camera focus?
    • Manual Focusing
    • Types of auto focus
    • Where to Focus
    • Focus Stacking Explained
  2. Camera Settings
    • Basic Camera Setup
    • File types
    • Starting settings
    • Auto ISO vs picking the ISO
    • Image Stabilization/Vibration Reduction
  3. How to Take Sharper Pictures
    • Picking the Right Shutter Speed
    • Camera Mode Impact
    • Enable Auto ISO
    • Keep the Camera Steady
    • Focus Carefully
    • Consider Subject Movement
    • When not to use Image Stabilization
    • Use a Better Lens
    • Use Depth of Field to Make Sure What you Want is in Focus
    • Pick an Aperture which is Best for Your Lens
    • Use a Tripod in Low Light
  4. Photography Tips for Beginners
    • Think About Composition
    • Understand your Camera Settings
    • Understand the Histogram
    • Pay Attention to the Light
    • Source
    • Don't Rush I
    • Know When to Use Your Tools: flash tripod etc
    • Have Fun
    • Shoot a Lot and Experiment!
  5. Photography Challenges
    • Try Something Different
    • Start a Photo-Per-Day Project
    • Rent a Lens before buying it
    • Try Creative Lighting Flash, Gels, Reflectors
    • Scout for New Locations
    • Make the Most of the Seasons
    • Recreate a Famous Photo
    • Find Local Events to Photograph

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Photography in the studio. Class example


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Photography Reference Materials

Exposure Cheat Sheet.

Photography exposure guide.


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