Event Photography Galleries


This is a newer portion of our website and we will be adding more galleries. Please feel free to drop us a note if you want to see a specific type of event.

* Corporate Dinner with Awards and Group Photo
* Company Showcasing Their Work
* Corporate Event with Group Photo and Awards (Still being prepared.)


As you look at event examples we ask that you pay attention to details which we consider to be important. Those are, exposure, composition, story telling, allowing room for use in publications, and variety. When you receive the images from us we want you to be pleased and have a lot of variety. These galleries represent the variety of images taken and are just a small portion of what was taken at the event. When we photograph an event we use the highest resolution available with our cameras which gives you many options to use large prints or zoom in to use a smaller portion of an image. If you need help with editing we can help you with preparing imaged for your final use. If requested, we will even provide you with a complete set of images in a smaller web ready format which are easy for you to mail.


If your event is for fund raising we can work with you to get them posted online for sales.


If you are in a listed event and want a picture removed please drop us a note. (Contact us)

Please call to discuss availability outside of the Wichita area. 316-644-9662