Questions about Our Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography example. Retouched.

Do you add text to pictures? Not normally. When we have a view which to us in not obvious we will add text so viewers can easily know what they are looking at.

How do you light the interior? We work to capture the natural lighting of a room. Yes, we will use our lights to light the room but at the same time we will capture undercounter lights as well as any other lighting in the room.

Will you re-arrange our property? We try to move as little as possible. This is for the protection of your property because we don't want to risk breaking anything or violating your privacy. However, interior photography requires using wide angle lenes and there are times that not tweaking placement will make a room look very small.

Do we own the photographs? Yes you do. We will provide you with a set of web resolution images and a set of printable images for printed advertising.

What should be done before you arrive?
- We like to see the counters as clean as possible. Small appliances should be placed under counter and items such as soap dishes should be removed.
- Window blinds should be down and we will adjust them for best use of the outside light.
- If you have technology with a lot of cords please arrange them neatly.

- Get rid of any extension cords you can.
- Clean floors are important. This is especially true of hardwood floors which show everything in photographs. A fresh treatment of oil or polish will make them shine for the photographs.
- In general, do everything you can to de-clutter.

Can we request retouch ? If there is an area which will be repaired prior to listing please let us know. If the time to re-touch in minimal we will do it at no extra charge.



Basement photo of home for sale.

Basement Bar

This is an example of working with the existing room lighting. One of our goals when working close to furniture is to minimize the effect of a wide angle lens. For that reason you will often see us take the photograph from a slightly higher angle. This keeps the furniture from being distorted.

Bathroom example with mixed light sources.

Bathroom Photo

This type of bathroom photograph is actually a composite of several images. With as many personal items as possible removed from the bathroom it made this shot less cluttered.

Living room photograph

Furniture Arranging

It is tough to suggest that furniture be moved for a photo shoot. A cozy furniture arrangement may also make a room look smaller. If the owner is present and is willing to move furniture we can plan our room photography sequence so furniture can be moved.

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